Why Isn’t Anyone Talking regarding These four Motivation-Boosting Techniques?

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking regarding These four Motivation-Boosting Techniques
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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking regarding These four Motivation-Boosting Techniques?

How many times have you ever heard the questions: “What drives you” or “What excites you?” These questions may come from well-meaning people but they create one problematic assumption – Our motivation depends on something external. As a result, rather than actively building structures that motivate, we discover ourselves aimlessly trying to find some outside factors which will motivate us.

rather than asking: “What motivates me?” we should always be asking, what am I doing to stay motivated? the solution to the present question lies within the doing, not motivation itself.

In the lines that follow i will be able to share three simple techniques to extend motivation.

Knowing that one cannot always be motivated, i will be able to share a way with you that i do know you already know to assist you get things even once you don’t desire lifting a feather. However, before I start, two misconceptions got to be kicked out of the way right upfront.


First, we see motivation as a finite goal to be achieved. tons folks falsely believe our life are going to be worry-free once we’ve achieved that goal.

Motivation may be a dynamic process, not an end-goal. the method of motivation is analogous to eating, sleeping, or beverage . We don’t become healthy or strong by reaching a state where we needn’t eat, sleep, or drink water.

Second, amotivation is seen as something negative that must be avoided in the least costs.

Trying to resist those moments once we desire doing nothing will drag us further down the abyss we’re trying to avoid within the first place. we’d like to remind ourselves that those moments of amotivation are a neighborhood of the human experience.

the maximum amount as there would be no light without darkness, there would be no period of activity without downtime.

Here are the four actions you’ll take ranging from today to extend your motivation: Why Isn’t Anyone Talking regarding These four Motivation-Boosting Techniques?

1. Know thyself

The first step in helping you build motivation is to understand yourself. It’s for a reason that the Temple of Apollo at Delphi carries the inscription “know thyself.” We are all different, the reality of the matter is that motivation varies within and across individuals. for instance , to urge myself aroused for my writing activities by being alone with music.

Knowing what motivates and distracts me makes it easy on behalf of me to urge my juices flowing. Study your pattern, learn the time of the day, the day of the week, where, and the way long you’re likely to be the foremost productive. It’s highly impractical to get out all the various scenarios here,

But a deep self-reflection, trial-and-error, and constant journaling will assist you understand your pattern.

2. Take Responsibility

The runner-up way I’ve found to assist increase motivation is to require personal responsibility for the outcomes of one’s actions.

once you know you’ll be held liable for the success or failure of a specific project, you’re more likely to urge motivated, do your best, and obtain things done. Working with children, i’m always amazed at what proportion they comply to order once they are treated as responsible individuals.

For example, you’ll realize that once you realize it is your responsibility to select your kids up from school, you’ll do everything in your power to succeed in them on time.

this idea is extremely relevant to the workplace. Managers, employees, and therefore the organization at large may enjoy employees who are taught to require responsibility for his or her actions.


By creating structures where people are liable for the result of their actions, they’re going to require less control thereby giving managers longer to try to to what really matters.

3. Spend time with energy givers

They say birds of a feather flock together. If you’re serious about getting things done, spend longer with like-minded people.

Research shows we are likely to consciously or unconsciously devour the habits of individuals we spend time with.

Spending time with people that procrastinate or complain constantly will take a toll on your personal productivity.

4. Just do it!

Going back from the second misconception, even with the above principles, I don’t rule out moments of amotivation. Remember, I said these are a part of a healthy human cycle. you’ll still manage to urge things done even once you don’t desire it.

The best way I found to assist me get things done whenever I don’t feel motivated is to try to to a task completely different than the one i’m aiming for. Say, for instance , you’re trying to end a report that’s due tomorrow.


you’ve got tried for two hours with no avail. the simplest thing to try to to is to urge up behind the desk and check out something entirely different. It might be walking, running, or watching a video on social media.

Try to stand back from the most task for a minimum of half-hour . You’ll be amazed to understand that each one you needed to seek out your spark was time faraway from your main task.

Remember the simplest thanks to motivate yourself is thru action. rather than giving in or resisting procrastination, you walk around it so you get things done.


Remember the old adage: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Well, this is often precisely the same with motivation, a speech can get your adrenaline pumping but they can’t cause you to take action unless you opt so. So, stop aiming for outdoor factors to motivate you, rise up immediately , and do what you’ve got to do! No-one will roll in the hay for you! Why Isn’t Anyone Talking regarding These four Motivation-Boosting Techniques? The End.

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